i havent made a html website in dozens of moons and im basically learning all of this as i go so please dont be too mean to be if you accidentally discover this for some reason </3

im not a system, my brain is a mess of various unhinged wires and dvd logos bouncing from one corner to another and i am a mere feudal peasant trying to figure it out with the information he possesses. one thing that it likes doing sometimes is switch between various "modes" of motivation and thought processes. i am not sure if this is because of the 'tism, the adhd i suspect i might have alongside it, or something else entirely

something i've been doing is writing down characters to represent each of these modes. i'll be storing and describing them here. i've been developing them since 2015 but never really noted them down so elaborately like this. i was planning to make a story involving them, don't know if i actually will. i'll be using some did/osdd terminology to make it easier for me to understand. if you're not ok with any of that click the running yoshi to skedaddle. otherwise, click the rainbow yoshi to continue